Isomerase were approached by an agrichemicals company to help source new active compounds for agricultural use. The company supplied a list of over 30 natural products ranging from large nonribosomal lipopeptides to small polar nucleosides and asked for milligram quantities of each to be isolated for testing. These natural products were sourced from a wide range of microbes that included myxobacteria, bacilli, actinomycetes and various fungi including basidiomycetes, and ascomycetes.

The team at Isomerase was able to source strains from in-house and external strain collections, generate master cell banks and working cell banks along with in-house fermentation, analytical and isolation procedures along with a short process improvement program to improve the productivity of each of the microbial strains. We were then able to rapidly provide the client with a few milligrams of a wide range of compounds for initial biological activity tests.

Following activity testing, Isomerase were given a list of selected compounds then ran a further round of process improvement, fermentation and isolation to allow supply of gram levels of product for the next round of testing.

If you would like to know more or to discuss details about our ability to access rare strains and difficult to produce natural products for testing please contact us.  


sourcing active compounds for agricultural use   

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