Contributing Isomerase innovations to inspire or advance research (Licensing)

Isomerase invests a share of its revenues into improving our capabilities, invention, and expansion of our intellectual property rights.  When requested by a partner, Isomerase can accelerate or inspire new avenues of research for our partners, by providing access to innovations developed at Isomerase‚Äôs expense, so owned by Isomerase.  Examples of such innovations include our proprietary strains and materials, processes that Isomerase has optimised independently from partner projects and Isomerase patented inventions.

By working together in this way, Isomerase provides partners with access to new technology and assets created and de-risked by Isomerase.  Any licensing terms take into consideration the broader relationship between Isomerase and a partner with the aim of aligning success for both.

Examples of innovations accessible in this way include:

  • Proprietary compounds are mostly small molecule natural products such as polyketides, terpenes, ribosomal and non-ribosomal peptides.  These may be valuable on their own or when conjugated to targeting moieties e.g., antibodies.
  • Bioengineered strains that produce native small molecules at higher levels, novel small molecules or that have been optimised to produce peptides or proteins.
  • High cell density precision fermentation processes designed to maximise biomass and/or compound titre from industrial organisms.
  • Software to enable the design of biocatalytic enzymes.
  • Enabling technologies to produce recombinant peptides.

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