Isomerase have acquired an important extremophile strain collection from the University of Bath. This includes strains and materials collected by Professors Michael Danson and David Leak over the course of many years of research.

The collection includes around 2500 Nagoya compliant extremophiles and contains mostly thermophilic bacteria, which Isomerase plans to study over the coming years, with a main aim to use them to support their biocatalysis and natural products discovery and development.

Extremophiles are organisms that can thrive in extremely harsh conditions lethal to most lifeforms. In the case of the Bath collection, this includes samples collected from the Antarctic, forge cooling water, effluent tanks, steam pipes, hot springs and from beside volcanos. Research into these incredible organisms can help us understand how life can survive in these extreme environments and hopefully use this information to aid generation of improved industrial processes and access to natural products that may have evolved in these unusual situations.

For example, Isomerase is developing a range of proprietary methods for directed evolution of enzymes and the genetics of these strains could be very helpful in improving our ability to manipulate enzymes to become more thermostable or work at lower temperatures. To enable this we embarked a number of years ago on a wide range of genome sequencing of previously unsequenced microbial strains so that we can use the data as part of our growing collection of enzyme sequences, for example to support our new EVOSELECT® software to predict sequences with improved properties.

We are delighted to be able to help maintain this highly valuable collection for the benefit of future generations.

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About Isomerase

Isomerase is a leading innovation partner for all aspects of microbial product and process discovery and development, including leading-edge synthetic biology, advanced strain improvement of microorganisms, genome sequence analysis, protein and peptide expression and isolation, fermentation and process development, DSP, compound isolation, analytical development and synthetic chemistry. In addition, Isomerase manages other aspects necessary for a commercially successful programme on behalf of partners, such as compound management and shipping and scaled manufacture.

We offer these capabilities underpinned by a portfolio of technology IP, and the combined experience of a core technical and leadership team with a substantive track record of successful product discovery and development collaborations with pharma and biotech companies.

We have supported numerous companies with a wide variety of microbial product and small molecule fermentation and synthetic chemistry projects, helping advance early-stage concepts into valuable development programmes, and then continuing to support their progress to market with process improvement and scaled manufacture.

For more information please contact Isomerase via our contact page.

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