The team at Isomerase is experienced at taking microbial cells through to analysed genome sequence. We also have experience with metagenome sequencing and analysis from natural sources. A typical collaboration might include one or more of the following:

Supply strain – We can receive or access biosafety Class 1 or 2 microbial strains and either receive or generate growth conditions for them.

Genomic DNA preparation – We can either generate and purify genomic DNA or start with client supplied DNA as required.

Outsourced NGS sequence preparation (bacterial or fungal) – we have a range of partners who supply cost-effective rapid NGS DNA sequencing with methods flexible to the requirements of the project.

Genome assembly – Following supply of raw NGS sequence data, we have a range of methods, including proprietary pipelines to take this to an assembled sequence.

Genome annotation – We have a range of tools to generate annotated genome (or metagenome) sequences.

Genome analysis – We have carried out numerous projects where we have analysed the assembled DNA to find gene sequences coding for proteins of particular interest, such as enzymes or whole biosynthetic pathways for production of secondary metabolites or natural products.

Report writing – We can and have generated both short overview reports or detailed analysis reports containing raw data.