Isomerase Therapeutics starts two collaborative projects to discover and develop new routes to natural product diversity

April 1st, 2015--Cambridge

Isomerase Therapeutics Ltd (Cambridge, UK) announces that it has initiated two projects funded by Innovate UK, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, the John Innes Centre and Biosyntha (Welwyn, UK).

The projects are aimed at developing new synthetic biology tools for rapid generation of diverse polyketides and peptides, with broad potential for application in therapeutic discovery and development and in other areas where natural products have been successful.

Polyketides are a very successful drug class, with >40 marketed examples, the top 6 with peak annual sales of >$1 billion. Many companies have tried to improve upon natural diversity, with variable success.

Isomerase is developing ground-breaking diversity-generating methods with the potential to generate 1000s of new natural product chemotypes using existing genetic diversity efficiently and rapidly.

Isomerase Therapeutics is a synthetic biology drug discovery and development company based in Cambridge, UK and the team have many decades experience of optimising natural products as drugs by applying a combination of biosynthetic engineering and semi-synthetic chemistry. Isomerase can offer a bespoke programme including drug discovery and development expertise on a FTE basis to partners to help them take their chosen natural product or synthetic biology target from an interesting hit to a high value candidate drug. Isomerase is also developing its own research programmes and technology platforms.

For more information please contact Isomerase via our contact page.


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