The team at Isomerase are delighted to announce that they will be supporting the IND development of ISR050, selected from the next generation of immune regulatory drug candidates, to which ISR acquired rights from Isomerase under an acquisition and license agreement signed in 2017. Previous press release here.

ISR press release as follows:
The ISR board has today, 2019.03.13, decided to start an IND (Investigational New Drug) program, as stated at the new issue, to develop the drug candidate ISR050 for clinical trial.
ISR050 is a macrolide that has been modified with a patented technology so that the immunostimulatory effect of the substance is increased and the antimicrobial effect removed. This new group of drug candidates, Immunolides, we have developed with the company's screening program for immune activation. These immunolytes stimulate macrophages for increased activity and improved ability to support tumor-specific T cell responses.

As previously announced, the company's cancer development program is conducted in the ISR holding AB's wholly owned subsidiary ISR Oncology AB. ISR has previously shown successful results from mouse model on malignant melanoma (see previous press release 26/3 2018). With today's decision, ISR Oncology AB will now accelerate the development program to perform the necessary tests to produce the drug candidate ISR050 for clinical trial. After regulatory approval, the company plans to carry out a clinical phase I / II drug test of patients with spread cancer to evaluate safety and biological effects.
"ISR Oncology AB will now proceed rapidly to develop the drug candidate ISR050 for clinical testing of patients with spread cancer. Strengthened by the positive treatment responses with check-point blocks, we are very expectant when ISR050 will be tested in the clinic. ISR050 has the central immune stimulating macrophage as target, and alone or together with the checkpoint block that has the T cell as its target, we hope to advance the positions in the fight against cancer. ” comments Ola Winqvist, CEO ISR.

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