AgriMetis and Isomerase Therapeutics have entered into an exclusive relationship, in the field of crop protection, to leverage both companies’ unique capabilities to create and produce novel natural product derived crop protection products.

AgriMetis (Baltimore, MD) was co-founded by Acidophil and Syngenta Ventures in March 2014 to develop natural product derived compounds to protect crops from weeds, fungal diseases, and insect pests. AgriMetis discovers and develops routes of manufacture for these compounds using recent advances in synthetic biology and chemistry.

Isomerase Therapeutics (Cambridge, UK) is a drug discovery and development company with expertise in the discovery and development of optimized microbial natural products. The company develops proprietary technologies and therapeutics, in parallel to performing research for others on a contract basis.  The crop protection relationship with AgriMetis complements Isomerase’s core therapeutic business.

On establishing the relationship with Isomerase Dr. Philip Goelet, CEO and co-founder of AgriMetis said: “Isomerase is a leader in the genetic engineering of microbial secondary metabolites and related natural products.  AgriMetis has been working with Isomerase for two years and is pleased to have established this strategic relationship.”

On how he sees the relationship between AgriMetis and Isomerase strengthening both parties, Dr. Matthew Gregory, CEO and co-founder of Isomerase Therapeutics said, “We have enjoyed an excellent collaboration with AgriMetis and feel our capabilities are very complementary. We are confident that the continued combination of our cutting-edge synthetic biology capabilities and AgriMetis’ in depth understanding of crop protection can have a real impact on the field".


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