• Health and Sustainability through Biotechnology

    Health and Sustainability through Biotechnology

    Isomerase is a world-leading integrated biotechnology service provider. We discover and develop processes for clients, to generate important products using biotechnology and synthetic biology.

Biosynthetic Medicinal Chemistry and Synthetic Biology


Isomerase Therapeutics is able to optimise microbial natural products using a combination of cutting-edge biosynthetic engineering, synthetic biology and complimentary semi-synthetic chemistry. The team at Isomerase have many decades experience of optimising natural products as drugs, with a track record over a wide range of example molecules.  The process can take inputs from various sources, including literature examples of microbial natural products which hit a particular target of interest, or directly from screening hits. 


The scientific team at Isomerase have experience of optimising these molecules to improve various properties, including selectivity, reducing toxicity, improving ADME profile, altering route of administration and improving potency.

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