Professor Peter Leadlay (University of Cambridge)

Professor Leadlay is the Herchel Smith Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge and is a leading expert in the molecular genetics, regulation, enzymology, chemistry and directed evolution of polyketide antibiotic biosynthesis. He was the first to publish a gene sequence of a polyketide cluster (erythromycin) and carried out much of the seminal work in understanding polyketide biochemistry.





Dr Guy Carter (ex-Wyeth) 

Dr Carter has over 30 years of experience working in Pharmaceutical R & D, primarily in the discovery and development of microbial products. He was head of the Natural Products Discovery function at Wyeth Research and now runs his own consultancy business.


Professor Philippe Gallay (Scripps Institute) 

Professor Gallay is a world leader in the fields of viral biology (in particular HIV and HCV) and cyclophilin biology. He has authored over 100 papers in these and related fields.