Dr Matthew Gregory, Chief Executive Officer 

Matthew is an experienced drug discovery professional skilled in programme management and intellectual property rights protection. He has particular experience of anti-infective drug discovery and was previously Director of Intellectual Property and Project Management at Biotica Technology Ltd. At Biotica he managed the intellectual property and collaborative research on internal projects from 2005-2013, with particular therapeutic focus in infectious diseases, inflammation and oncology. In doing so, he was also responsible for segregating internal programmes from collaborative research. Matthew was the project leader of the company's flagship cyclophilin inhibitor program, which was focused on development of a high barrier to resistance backbone therapy for treatment of HCV, HBV and HIV. Matthew joined Biotica in 2003, having been involved with the company since 1999 when he was at the University of Cambridge working on production of novel rapamycin analogues and genetic manipulation of the biosynthetic pathway in Professor Peter Leadlay’s group. Matthew has almost 20 years of experience in actinomycete genetics, is an author or inventor on over 30 patents, patent applications or publications and holds a BSc in Biochemistry and Genetics and a PhD in Molecular Genetics from the University of Nottingham.

Dr Steven Moss, Chief Technology Officer

Steven is highly practiced at applying the chemical biology of microbial natural products to drug discovery. In particular, Steven is experienced in applying Isomerase's bioengineering platform and semi-synthesis to generate microbial natural products with characteristics more suited to use as pharmaceuticals than the parent. From 2009 until 2013, Steven was the Director of Natural Products Chemistry at Biotica Technology Ltd., where he was responsible for all internal fermentation and chemistry as well as the management and technology transfer associated with outsourced manufacture and chemistry. Steven joined Biotica in 2002 as a Research Scientist and worked on a number of different microbial natural product based programmes across multiple therapeutic areas. Prior to that, he spent two years as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate with Professor Heinz G. Floss (University of Washington, Seattle) studying the biosynthesis of ansamitocin. Steven holds a BSc and PhD in Chemistry from the University of Durham, where he studied under Professor David O'Hagan. He is an author or inventor on over 40 scientific papers and US/EU patents.

 Steve Martin

Dr Steve M Martin, Chief Business Officer

Steve was previously CEO of Zuvasyntha Ltd where he managed the growth and strategic refocusing of the company including securing major research collaborations with global industry partners, various rounds of seed investment and a merger with a US biotech company.

Prior to this Steve was R&D Director at TMO Renewables, where he was responsible for internal and external programs developing an industrial platform for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals. Whilst at TMO, he helped the Company raise more than £40m in funding and also set up and participated in more than twenty grant-funded collaborations with UK and overseas universities.

Prior to TMO, Steve was Head of Fermentation at Cubist Pharmaceuticals and was responsible for the UK pilot plant and the fermentation activities at two manufacturing sites. Steve’s technical background is in microbial fermentation, process optimisation and scale-up. He has taken processes from concept to commercialisation and most notably was lead fermentation scientist for the process development and scale-up of the first-in-class lipopeptide antibiotic daptomycin (Cubicin™). He has more than 20 years’ industrial experience in the development of microbial processes for applications in the pharmaceutical and industrial biotechnology sectors and has authored many peer reviewed scientific papers, articles and patents. Steve is also founding Director of Inspire Biotech Ltd and a visiting lecturer at the University of Bath.

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Barrie Wilkinson

Professor Barrie Wilkinson, Non-Exec Director

Barrie is a Project Leader in the Department of Molecular Microbiology at the prestigious John Innes Centre (http://www.jic.ac.uk) as well as a founder of Isomerase. He was previously VP of Research at Biotica and is a co-founder of Delos Pharmaceuticals based in Novato, California. Barrie is an innovative scientist with experience that spans the breadth of discovery and lead optimisation in natural products chemical biology, and spent several years working at GSKs medicines research centre in the UK. He was educated and trained at the universities of Leeds, Washington & Cambridge and is an author/inventor on 95 scientific papers and patents.


Robert Booth 

Mr Rob Booth, Non-Exec Director

Rob is a dynamic CFO with a strong mix of financial, operational and strategic skills gained in the UK and internationally in blue-chip multinationals and SMEs in the Pharmaceutical, Life Science and Technology sectors. Raised over £40M, successfully IPO’d on the main London market and involved in numerous M&A transactions. Meticulous planning, budgetary control and cost containment skills and highly proficient at working capital management. Built multi-disciplined, multi-site teams and customer and partner relationships. He has managed professional advisors and institutional and commercial investors. He is currently the COO at Linaro. Previous posts include CFO at Biotica, CEO at Pronostics, CEO at Synomics, FD at Tadpole and FD at Pharmacia.